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This project is about the holoucasts which started on 1941 and lasted until 1945 which killed 2\3 of the Jews population. This project is about doing a butterfly with a poem and you have to read it and with the thing you think on your mind you have to create a good looking butterfly and painted how you think your poem color is and add detail to it.

I’ve met enough people. Seldom a human being. Therefore, I will wait until my life’s purpose is fulfilled and you will come.
Though there is anguish deep in my soul –

what if I must search for you forever? –  I must not lose faith, I must not lose hope.

Something I learned from this project was that we only learned of a small amount of Jews who died but there are millions of Jews who died something else is that I like was doing the butterfly becuase you could show your feelings on how you feel about it and you could use your time to decorate it and make it beautiful or how ever you want.

Favorite book of Q.3

The book I read for Q.3 was Surviving The Holocaust you can find this book in the LRC and its non-fiction it’s by Cath Senker. This book is about the holacust and basically it talks about everybody how the Nazis kill and it talks about all the Jews who escaped the Holocaust it also how the Nazis created their party and how Hitler helped. If you read this book you might learn some new facts like I did.
Some facts that I learned that some Jews planned an underground attack against the Nazis. One reason you should read this book is to find out more about this attack to the Nazis and what do the nazis do after the attack. You are also going to like the pictures there is a bunch of pictures you can look at.

My favorite book from Q3

My favorite book from Q3 was smile smile is about a great girl called Raina and all she wants is to be a normal 6th grader but one night after Girl Scouts,she trips and falls severely injuring her front two teeth.what follows is a long and frustrating journey with on again off again Braces surgery.embarrasing headgear and even a retainer with fake teeth attached and on top of all that there’s still more to deal with a major earthquake,boy confusion and friends who turn out to be not so friendly. Raina’s story takes her from middle school to high school where she discovers her artistic voice finds out what true friendship really means. One reason this was my favorite from Q3 is because imagine this happens to you this would be really embarrassing and to lose your two front teeth like imagine that and this could actually happen.

SOL#21:New soccer ball

yesterday I got my new soccer ball it’s a UEFA champions ball I wanted one because it looks really nice and because when you kick it it feels like you didn’t kick but it was pretty expensive it was like 60 dollars.

SOL#20:practice with. Lopez

Today after school I am going to go to proska park to help Mr.Lopez with soccer practice because I need to go outside more and like play more.  I wanted to go to proska parksi since last week but I couldn’t becuase I was working on cleaning my room so yeah. Do you like going to the park.?

SOL#19:what I did on Tuesday

yesterday I woke up at 11:34 and made myself some pancakes this time I didn’t do a mess like usually but my head was hurting cause I stayed up late and I was playing fortnite. I didn’t like it cause it was really cold and I wanted to go outside and play.

SOL#18:What did yesterday

Yesterday I went to my cousins house i we were playing fifa 18 on his ps4 then we got bored and went outside and we were riding our penny boards i mean first I needed to buy one and we went to the mall and I got one for 160 it’s black and it’s really nice but something bad happend cause I started  riding the penny board then I fell.