Favorite book of Q.3

The book I read for Q.3 was Surviving The Holocaust you can find this book in the LRC and its non-fiction it’s by Cath Senker. This book is about the holacust and basically it talks about everybody how the Nazis kill and it talks about all the Jews who escaped the Holocaust it also how the Nazis created their party and how Hitler helped. If you read this book you might learn some new facts like I did.
Some facts that I learned that some Jews planned an underground attack against the Nazis. One reason you should read this book is to find out more about this attack to the Nazis and what do the nazis do after the attack. You are also going to like the pictures there is a bunch of pictures you can look at.


  1. So much better. Now it's your own work. it should always be your own work... remember that for high school!


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