SOL#4:The worst day

This morning was terrible for me becuase we didn’t have anything to eat for breakfast so I made myself some pancakes I made some but I made a huge mess all over the kitchen. After I cleaned the mess I did, I had to clean my room that was easy becuase Since I am not in my room most of the time I just had to do my bed that took me less time than other days. But the bad day started when my mom a dad went to to work my brothers where there so they made me clean the entire house and I didn’t have enough sleep in other words I didn’t sleep good. Have you ever waking up with the left foot.?


  1. Good job on your blog. But you need to work more on spelling and grammar.

    1. I like how you wrote more than 5 or 4 sentence. And do you even know how to cook

  2. The blog was funny and the picture helped with the comedy. I agree with Luis though, you might want to work on spelling and grammar a little more. Also somethings didn’t make sense at moments.

  3. It’s what Luis said but you should invite me over so I can clean your kitchen! Maybe I can even cook for you.

  4. Jose you don’t use red sauce for pancakes exposed

  5. That must be very tiring cleaning the entire house, I also did that but many times.

  6. The comments section, though! I agree with IO, your comedy is great, but the picture has exposed you!!


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